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Finally: Taco Bell Plans To Let You Order With An App

The widely beloved taco chain plans on rolling out a new mobile ordering system nationwide this year.

Finally: Taco Bell Plans To Let You Order With An App

[Image: Flickr user Steven Depolo]

We have some good news to report for Taco Bell fans. The purveyors of thoughtful late-night fourth meals for the, er, "college" crowd, plan on introducing a new mobile ordering system to expedite the process of shuttling Doritos Locos Tacos into your mouth.

The new mobile app is expected to roll out nationwide later this year, reports Lisa Jennings at Restaurant News, and will allow consumers to order and pay for food before they ever set foot in the store. Part of the hesitance to this point has been uncertainty about whether or not Taco Bell's customers were "ready to order and pay for food using their phones." After controlled beta testing throughout Orange County, Calif., where the fast food chain is based, the answer is clear: People quite like using their phones to order faux-Mexican cuisine of varying tortilla geometries. (Nachos are just reconfigured hardshell tacos, you guys.)

What's more, McDonald's and Chick-fil-A are reportedly testing their own mobile apps, meaning being forced to wait three minutes for your fast food order could soon become a thing of the past. Burrito lovers were delighted when Chipotle's mobile app was updated to allow for mobile ordering last March. Taco Bell and its army of die-hard taco fanatics seem ready to make a run for the future, too.