What’s More Important To Startup Success–The Idea Or The Execution?

The idea behind a startup can be treated like the holy grail in business. But Vanessa Colella, managing director and global head of venture investing at Citi Ventures, says execution, not necessarily the idea, is where the focus needs to be for startups.

“That’s now the thing that differentiates people who are great and successful from people who are really smart and couldn’t make it,” Colella says.

Colella and Lisa LaCour, the VP of Global Marketing at Outbrain, took a few minutes at Y&R’s Boot Camp for Digital Start-Ups to discuss what sets successful startups apart.

Outbrain, a content discovery platform launched in 2006 has learned plenty of lessons along the way. LaCour says honing mastery of the tools that digital offers is one of those key lesson for startups.

“Because of the data, because of the consumer-engagement because of all those things that digital enables you to do, it’s vital,” LaCour said.