• 02.14.14

Relive The Sochi Winter Olympics Via These Gold Medal Memes

The Winter Olympic Games are only halfway over, and already there is enough participatory joke fodder to keep Internet pranksters busy until Summer ’16.

Merely watching live events on television these days is so passé. The thing to do instead is watching on two levels–one that absorbs the content and processes it, and the other mining this content for anything funny or interesting to comment about on a second screen. Some people go much further than mere commenting, though, which is way award ceremonies like the Oscars, and even political events like presidential debates and national conventions tend to produce memes. While those events are fairly short-lived, though, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi lasts for two long weeks.


Even before the Olympics got underway, #SochiProblems had become a meme–with reporters detailing all manner of faulty accommodations across the small Russian city. However, this bit of bad press proved to be mere warm up for what was to come. There is perhaps no better metaphor for an Olympics not quite running smoothly than for one of the Olympic rings to not open during the pyrotechnical portion of the opening ceremony. A tone was set.

The Winter Olympics are only halfway over, and already they seem to have inspired enough participatory joke fodder to keep Internet pranksters busy until Summer 2016. Have a look at the best ones so far in the slides above.

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