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Jawbone Is Reportedly Getting $250 Million In Funding

That gives the company an overall valuation of $3.3 billion. Investors seem keen on Jawbone's approach to high-end design.

[Image: Jawbone]

Jawbone is reportedly on the verge of completing a rather impressive $250 million funding round. Kara Swisher at Re/code reports that the considerable investment, which is being led by Rizvi Traverse Management, gives the company an overall valuation of $3.3 billion.

Which is nothing to sneeze at. And it speaks to the considerable moneymaking potential of the Internet of Things, which Jawbone envisions itself being at the forefront of with its wearable tech. "With the real-time aspect of UP24, you start to see a glimpse of where the world can go," product VP Travis Bogard told Fast Company last November. "When I put the UP in sleep mode, my lights can shut off automatically. Or if I've been asleep for eight hours, my lights can come on automatically to smooth my wake up."

Connectivity may be what's hot right now, but Jawbone is quickly emerging as one of the tech world's premier purveyors of sleek gadgetry, especially in the sound department with its popular Jambox mobile speakers and a small, wireless headset that contours to your ear. Investors seem keen on Jawbone's laser-like focus on design and hardware. Having Yves Béhar's design sensibilities at your disposal probably doesn't hurt, either.