5 Free Apps For Making Valentine’s Day More Sweet

These free apps can help you find your true love, send flowers, or even your heartbeat. We only ask that you put your phone away during your romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine or a way to woo the one you’ve got, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

Sway (iOS)

Does the world need another dating app? Probably not, but Sway–if you can tear your eyes away from Tinder long enough–offers a few fun features others don’t. “Wingman mode” is especially intriguing. Your friends can thank you later.

Bolt (Android)

When you’re not sending flirty texts, you might want to try that old-fashioned use for phones–the call. Bolt replaces your phone’s system dialer with VoIP that doesn’t require internet access, and uses on average 60KB of data per minute. That’s plenty of time to whisper sweet nothings, regardless of smartphone plan.

Bouqs (Android and iOS)


You might have waited too long to send flowers today, but your belated “Sorry I Forgot” bouquet can arrive tomorrow, you procrastinator. Begun as an online service, Bouqs recently launched an app to send flowers at a flat rate with free shipping: $50 for next-day flowers sent “straight from an active Volcano in South America” just screams romance.

Snippet (iOS)

Overlay images of your Valentine with audio of your favorite songs. Upload to social media or send directly to your contacts. Now your photos can have a rom-com soundtrack–or a gritty breakup anthem–no judgement here.

Re:Beat (Android and iOS)

This one’s a bit cloying, but fun for today. Re:Beat uses your phone’s camera to take your pulse, and sends the digital heartbeat to your loved ones with a message. The makers call it the “ultimate declaration of love,” but you decide.


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