This Liquid Solution Makes All Gloves Touchscreen Friendly

The Kickstarter campaign for Nanotips has already smashed its goal.

This Liquid Solution Makes All Gloves Touchscreen Friendly
[Image: Flickr user Steven Depolo]

Winter is annoying for a lot of reasons, whether you’re fighting off the sniffles or simply trying to trudge to work in awful weather without shattering an ankle.

One of the tinier problems–but a problem nonetheless!–is that gloves and mittens make (most) of our smartphones inaccessible, lest we expose our fingers to the cold. Sure, there are gloves equipped with touchscreen-friendly technology; everyone from L.L. Bean to Muji sells them. But a neat new Kickstarter is out to democratize the touchscreen glove game, and aims to put swipe-happy glove powers back in the hands of the people.

Nanotips bills itself as a liquid solution that you can apply to transform any old glove into a touchscreen one. It creator says it works on everything from designer cashmere to leather Carhartt work gloves, and will offer different varieties depending on the material.

As far as the technology, it’s said to work using “a conductive polyamide liquid solution” to mimic the touch of human skin. So far the project appears to be off to a solid start: It already smashed its $10,000 fundraising goal 5x over. Check it out here.

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