Watch A Couple Break Up Speaking Only In Movie Titles

Break-up scenes tend to be pretty cliched, but the comedy troupe POYKPAC has created one that’s not only refreshing but laugh-out-loud funny. In this four-minute video, a couple breaks up with each other speaking only in movie titles–154 of them to be exact. Part of the humor comes from the randomness of the film choices: everything from Stephen King’s horror flick It to classics like On the Waterfront. And the use of sequels (watch for Saw II and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer) is especially giggle-worthy.

As co-creator and star Ryan Hunter told a YouTube commenter, the video was as difficult to put together as it looks, taking “two long, frustrating days spent wanting to throw my computer out the window and IMDb with it.”

See the full list of movie titles and watch more POYKPAC sketches at their YouTube channel. For Your Consideration: The Break Up. It’s Kind of a Funny Story.