Aspiring Helicopter Parents, Meet Your Quantified Fetus

Helicopter parenting can now start in the womb. Launched Thursday, BellaBeat allows expecting parents to track their developing fetus’s heart beat and movements with a gadget and smartphone app.

“We have learned how the needs and wants of today’s future moms have drastically changed with the rise of the quantified-self movement and easily accessible information on the Internet,” CEO Sandro Mur told Fast Company. The Y Combinator startup said it has sold 4,000 units, and the corresponding app features recommendations for moms-to-be from professional care providers.

The built-in social platform BellaBeat Global can connect pregnant women with each other so they can share and chronicle their experiences. The app also has a tool to help them track and plan their weight gain throughout pregnancy.

Though Mur admits it’s possible the monitoring device, the BellaBeat Connected Tool, could capture other sounds, such as gas or the mother’s heartbeat, he said the app’s algorithm will be able to distinguish the origin of noises.

Mur and his cofounder Urska Srsen had previously created BabyWatch, another fetal-monitoring product that will soon be discontinued in favor of BellaBeat.AT