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Twitter Reportedly Testing New Homepage That Resembles Facebook

[Image: Flickr user Kevin Krejci]

Hope you like Facebook, because Twitter appears to be testing a major new redesign for its homepage that, if it actually ever rolls out, should look familiar. Mashable reports that the new Twitter homepage rolled out this afternoon for assistant features editor Matt Petronzio, although it's unclear if this new photo-heavy spread will eventually debut for everyone.

It's worth remembering that Twitter is always experimenting with new interfaces. But the biggest change is the big, splashy cover photo and the tweet widgets, which appear to have ditched the reverse chronological feed for something that looks like Pinterest or RebelMouse. Fast Company reached out to Twitter, which declined to comment.

Twitter has hinted at a redesign aimed at attracting non-techies in its effort to appeal to a larger audience. If this is to be Twitter's new design, it would be somewhat of a reversal of the more common trend we've seen lately, the Twitterization of Facebook.