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Klout Is Reportedly Being Acquired For At Least $100 Million

Re/code reports the offer from Lithium Technologies is "in the low nine figures."

Klout Is Reportedly Being Acquired For At Least $100 Million

[Image: Flickr user volpelino]

Lithium Technologies is close to acquiring social scoring company Klout for at least $100 million, according to Re/code.

Not yet finalized, the deal has been reportedly signed with terms "in the low nine figures," reports Re/code. Fast Company has reached out to Klout's public relations team and CEO Joe Fernandez to confirm the news. Fernandez has responded only to say he can't comment.

Though Klout has long been associated with social vanity, lately, it's tried to position itself as more than a score. To lure users back to its site, the company launched a content-sharing platform last week that recommends articles for people to share, which hopefully can help them improve their scores. The company also hinted at building out a pro or business version for marketers.

Based in San Francisco, Lithium is a software company that helps brands and companies manage their social marketing and commerce efforts.