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GitHub Launches Education Site With Discounts For Students

Students and teachers will get free micro and organization accounts.

GitHub Launches Education Site With Discounts For Students

To familiarize students with its code repository, GitHub, the collaborative platform that allows programmers to co-develop and share code, has launched an educational site to help schools integrate the service into its curriculum. With GitHub Education, schools can track and collect students' work while giving them the tools to build a portfolio.

As part of the program, GitHub said it will formally offer educational discounts, including free "micro" accounts for students and teachers, free organization accounts for classroom use, and a 25% discount for other educational uses. The company has offered educational discounts for years, with more than 1,200 classrooms and 70,000 students on board. The move to officially offer these discounts makes sense, since computer science students are likely to graduate onto paid accounts when they become working professionals.