Tuning Out: How A Lightning-Fast Rapper Finds His Focus

For a rapper who rhymes at a blazing pace, cramming content into 140 characters or six-second videos comes as second nature–part of the game in a plugged-in world. But occasionally, even Tonedeff needs to hit pause.

Pedro Antonio Rojas Jr., known on the mic as Tonedeff, is a fast talker–14.5 syllables per second to be exact.


His fast paced style fits perfectly with his roles as the CEO and founder of QN5 Music, and flows seamlessly into his web presence.

For as many of his rhymes per second, he has social networks to match: multiple Twitter accounts, Instagram, Facebook, a Myspace artist page, a Flickr account and a blog to keep them all in one place and post original content.

But sometimes the chatter has to hush for Tonedeff to concentrate on creating. Getting focused, he says, means logging off of social media when it becomes overwhelming. “That’s the biggest time suck,” he says. “I’ve noticed, any time I want to procrastinate or not get anything done, I will.” A quick tweet or stats check becomes a slippery slope of stalling.

As connected as he stays with his fans, he has to rein in the playfulness. “When I turn those [social networks] off, I’m basically forced to confront myself and realize that there is something that I want,” Tonedeff says. “And in order to get what I want I have to do something I don’t want to do. It’s like this little mental game you have to play with yourself as a creative.”

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