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Female-Focused Career Startup Levo League Raises $7 Million

The company aims to create a personalized tool to help guide gen Y women through specific stages of their careers.

Female-Focused Career Startup Levo League Raises $7 Million

[Image: Flickr user Tax Credits]

Levo League, the startup that aims to help gen Y women advance their careers, announced Tuesday that it has raised $7 million from angel investors to grow its membership and build Levo 2.0, a career personalization tool.

"The whole concept of Levo 2.0 is going from where we are today—curated resources that solve the needs of professional women across the board—to a more personalized experience that's tailored to the needs of the individual members," said CEO and cofounder Caroline Ghosn. Named one of Fast Company's Most Creative People in 2013, Ghosn said the company plans to launch Levo 2.0, what she calls a career recommendation engine, in the fall. "We're really excited about this because this is taking it to a whole new level in terms of democratizing success," she added.

To provide women with career mentorship, Levo League has hosted virtual office hours with high-profile people in business, including Warren Buffett and Sheryl Sandberg. Last fall, the female-focused career company released a mobile app to help job seekers share professional information, build resumes, and apply for jobs on the go.