This Animal Rescue Program Drops An Adoptable Dog In Your Selfie

No matter where you stand on its rise to cultural prominence, there’s no denying the power of the selfie. Whether a sign of the new narcissism, a new art form or simply just a new way to say “hello, this is me,” the pose is an Instagram staple and it’s about time someone found a way to use it for the power of good.

Animal rescue program and advocacy group Dallas Pets Alive! is transforming selfies of Dallas residents and local celebrities into social ads for real dogs up for adoption. You’ve heard of photobombing, this is Muttbombing.

DPA executive director Leslie Sans said in a statement, “When it comes to finding homes for shelter pets, you have to really get creative. So we’re trying to show a different side of our pets through a fun and virtual interaction.”

Created by agency Dieste, Muttbombing drops a shot of a dog in selected selfies and posts a comment as that dog, introducing itself and making a funny observation on the shot. Besides being a fun way to raise awareness for animal shelters and adoption, it’s also a lesson for selfie addicts on how the presence of a dog makes you look like waaaay less of a self-absorbed twit.JB