5 Visions To Make Unused Subway Stations Fun, Useful, And Beautiful

With 303 stations, Paris has one of the world’s densest and most useful subway systems. There are so many stops, in fact, that the city doesn’t need to open up its whole network. A further 16 stations currently lie empty, and mostly unused.

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a candidate for Paris mayor, recently unveiled ideas for what might be done with the dormant sites. The designs here, which on focus the Arsenal stop near the Bastille, include a restaurant, a swimming pool, a concert hall and theater, an art gallery, and a nightclub.

NKM, as she is known, describes the ideas as “examples of the range of possibilities.” If elected in March, she’ll open a competition to source more options from Parisians. No funding is available as yet, however.

Old rail infrastructure has become a battleground in the campaign. NKM’s opponent, Anne Hidalgo, has a rival plan to turn the “Petite Ceinture”–a disused railway circling Paris–into areas for walking, entertainment, and urban agriculture. Both candidates’ proposals sound pretty great from over here.BS