How Big Are Phones Going To Get Before We All Need Hand Surgery?

The LG G Flex is the first widely available phone with a curved, flexible display. While this unique six-inch screen is eye-catching, it’s more of a bar trick than a feature. The thing that really stands out about the Flex? The phone is huge.

With the Flex, the line between phone and tablet has now been eliminated. Unlike previous phablets, the Flex’s curved screen and thinness minimize the inconvenience of carrying it around. It should go without saying that the upside to having a huge screen is more real estate for reading and browsing the web.

The side effect of using a six-inch phone is that every other handheld device feels tiny, especially an iPhone. In fact, returning to the iPhone 5s after using the Flex is almost painful. That may not be the case for long. Rumors of a bigger iPhone screen continue to heat up, with even Tim Cook alluding to the possibility.

No matter your size preference for a mobile device, the LG Flex pushes the boundaries of a socially acceptable big phone. Its curved glass display makes it a more natural fit in your hand, but it doesn’t change the fact that the device is still enormous.

How big is the LG G Flex compared to everyday objects? Check out the photos above.MH