• 02.10.14

Sochi’s First Meme: The B-Bomb Seen ‘Round The World

Like McKayla Maroney before her, Ashley Wagner has delighted us all with her Olympian dissatisfaction.

If you gave a decent figure skating performance at the Olympics–especially compared to your Japanese competitor, who fell on her butt–then you’d expect a pretty good score, right? RIGHT?


American figure skater Ashley Wagner wasn’t merely shocked by her fourth-place score during the women’s short program in Sochi. She was seriously pissed. So much so that she had a “McKayla Maroney is not impressed” moment and called bullshit–live on camera. Watch it happen in the GIF above. And then see the various iterations of #WagnerFace. At least things are looking up for Wagner, who helped the U.S. team to a bronze medal. Sadly, the same thing cannot be said for Sochi’s toilets.

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