That Was Fast: LinkedIn Shutters Intro App Less Than Four Months After Launch

LinkedIn Intro had been criticized as posing a security risk for sending and receiving emails through a proxy server. But the social company said the move was part of cleaning house.

That Was Fast: LinkedIn Shutters Intro App Less Than Four Months After Launch
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Less than four months after debuting LinkedIn Intro, the social network announced Friday that it was shutting down the mobile product March 7. Acting as a proxy for users’ emails, Intro integrated with Apple’s Mail app to surface contextual information of contacts from their LinkedIn profiles. Soon after its launch, it was criticized as posing a security risk, which the Mountain View, Calif. company swiftly dismissed.

LinkedIn said it is closing down Intro, Slidecast, and older versions of its iOS apps as part of cleaning house. Rapportive, which the company acquired last January for $15 million and leveraged to build LinkedIn Intro, will remain operating as a Gmail browser extension.

When asked if the shuttering of Intro was related to security concerns, a LinkedIn representative referred Fast Company to a blog post by Deep Nishar, senior vice president of products and user experience, quoting the following passage:

We are making large, long-term investments on a few big bets, and in order to make them successful, we need to concentrate on fewer things. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at our product offerings and made the decision to shut down Intro, Slidecast as well as older versions of our iPad and iPhone apps.

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