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As Twitch Grows, Inc. Is Renamed Twitch Interactive

The site focused on livestreaming gameplay has also celebrated a few milestones recently, including 1 million broadcasters and 13 billion minutes watched per month.

As Twitch Grows, Inc. Is Renamed Twitch Interactive

[Image: Flickr user włodi]

Though helped pioneer user-generated livestreams, it became very obvious that its video-game focused offshoot,, has been driving the company's growth. As a reflection of that, on Monday, the umbrella company Inc. announced it would change its name to Twitch Interactive Inc.

"We have experienced a jaw-dropping kind of success over the last two and a half years" since Twitch's launch, Vice President of Marketing Matthew DiPietro told Fast Company. Such successes include 1 million broadcasters on the streaming platform, 13 billion minutes watched per month, web traffic that surpasses Hulu and Facebook, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One integration.

"I would never want this to be viewed as a knock on the value and history and future of, of course," said Pietro. He added there won't be any structural changes with this renaming and that will continue operating as it has been.