Heineken Dares Dudes To Get Publicly Mushy For Valentine’s Day

As cultural cliches go, Emotionally Detached Dude is right up there with Nagging Wife and Cranky Old Person. He forgets anniversaries. Takes you to Hooters for date night. Dry heaves uncontrollably during Love Actually. Not exactly what one might consider a romantic.

Heineken and agency Wieden + Kennedy have decided to challenge that stereotype for Valentine’s Day with a social experiment of sorts called #DateInABox. The brand says publicly declaring one’s love on February 14th in places like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is typically reserved for the ladies and the experiment is a challenge for men to proudly wear their sensitivity on their social network sleeve.

The #DateInABox is an actual box containing an adventurous, prearranged mystery date locked inside ranging from a jujitsu lesson for two, couples’ tattoos or an improv class. People can tweet to @Heineken_US to have one mailed to their guy. But the only way to unlock it is for him to share his mushiest of lovey feelings about you with the world by Instagramming the box for all to see. If he does, he’ll get the code to unlock the box on Valentine’s morning.

It’s a fun idea, however as an experiment hoping to reveal a greater truth about the emotional motivation of the modern male it’s fundamentally flawed. Why? Because most dudes would profess their undying love for a steaming pile of compost dumped on their pillow if it would get them a free slice of pizza, let alone an entire night out sponsored by a beer brand.JB