Rosetta Stone Will Now Teach You To Speak Business

The venerable software company expands its target market to include international business clients who would like to get ahead.

Rosetta Stone Will Now Teach You To Speak Business
[Image: Flickr user CosmoPolitician]

If your language mastery finds you undaunted by Szechuan restaurant menus and you find speaking Italian molto facile, Rosetta Stone is offering a new curriculum that targets truly elite global citizens: “Business English.”

Okay, okay, so it’s not exactly a language in the traditional sense. (And chances are if you’re already reading this, you probably don’t need it.) But the venerable software-learning company is expanding its portfolio–which also includes brain training–to address communication problems in the workplace, particularly high-end business clients working for multinational corporations who would like to get ahead or simply want to clean up their grammar.

“English is the global language of business,” a Rosetta Stone spokesperson told Fast Company in an email. “Approximately 1.75 billion people speak English globally and major international companies including Nokia, SAP, Daimler, and Samsung have adopted English as their corporate language.”

Advanced English for Business, as it’s officially called, is intended to help users through a variety of business scenarios. Lessons include things like how to “Understand and Give Presentations” and “Develop Customer Service Skills.” If that sounds interesting, you can learn more about the program here. Buona fortuna.

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