These Biscuit Ads Are Cute Explosions Of Sweetness

It’s actually surprising that more brands don’t do what U.K. biscuit maker McVities has done in its latest campaign. You can almost hear the brainstorming meeting in that boardroom…

“You know what people can’t get enough of on the Internet?”


“What else?”

“Cute animals.”

“Let’s do that one then.”

Of course there’s a chasm of creative difference between simply having the idea and executing it as well as agency Grey London and director Owen Trevor do here, equating people’s love of British shorthair kittens, Corgi puppies and the hypnotizing wide-eyed stare of a baby tarsier with tasty digestives and jaffa cakes. It sounds a bit crazy–just look at those kitties!–but it may not be far off. According to the company, McVities has a 40% share of the U.K. biscuit market. In a statement, parent company United Biscuits CEO Martin Glenn said, “The new campaign aims to tap into consumers’ love for these brands as well supporting our efforts to drive growth for the category.”

The website lets you bring the puppies and kittens along with you, to “release the snuggles” and see the cute little critters play in the background of wherever you go online.JB