This Google Glass App Lets You Answer The Door Without Leaving The Couch

OKDoor is a result of the collaboration between Brivo Labs and topcoder’s crowdsourcing community.

Because technology has a solution to most First World problems (smart forks, anyone?), a new Google Glass app will let people answer the door directly from their headsets.

A result of the collaboration between connected hardware company Brivo Labs and topcoder’s development and design community, OKDoor receives an image from an outdoor camera when someone is at the door. The Glass wearer is given the ability to allow or deny entry by tapping the head-mounted computer. Choosing the former will remotely unlock the door, letting the visitor inside.

Brivo Labs announced its partnership with topcoder’s crowdsourcing community Tuesday. In six months, they were able to launch four products while cutting costs. When it came to developing OKDoor, the company said it was able to save 40% in expenses by leveraging topcoder’s community of more than 600,000 members instead of hiring developers internally.

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