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Uber Debuts Ride-Sharing Service In Paris

UberPOP, available only in Paris for now, is the newest, cheapest tier offered by the company.

[Image via Unsplash]

Less than a month after cab drivers attacked an Uber car in Paris, the e-hailing company has debuted a ride-sharing service in the city of light.

Directly taking on Lyft and Sidecar, UberPOP is the newest, cheapest tier offered by the company. UberPOP drivers are individuals who own their own cars and have had a driver's license for more than three years. In Paris, the minimum cost for UberPOP is 4€, half the starting price of an UberX.

The introduction of a cheaper option—as well as the lowering of prices of UberX in 16 cities last month—will help fight Uber's image as serving only the tech elite. The company has faced growing backlash for its controversial surge-price policy and refreshed its app in December ahead of New Year's Eve, its busiest day of the year, to prepare users for the sticker shock to come.

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