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Netflix Plans To Raise $400M In Debt To Finance International Expansion And Original Content

The streaming company alluded to the move in its fourth quarter earnings last month.

[Image: Flickr user viviandnguyen_]

Netflix is raising $400 million in debt financing to increase its investments in international expansion and original content, according to its annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Saratoga, Calif.-based streaming company had alluded to raising additional debt and further expansion, especially into Europe, last month when it reported its fourth quarter earnings. The interest rate of the senior notes it intends to offer will be set between the company and the initial purchasers, but it is aiming for similar terms to its existing $500 million in senior notes at a 5.375% interest rate.

Netflix's critically acclaimed original series House of Cards made TV history when it won three Emmys. Estimates put the per-episode cost at about $4.5 million.

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