Forget The Puppies & Bears: Watch This Georgia Lawyer’s Ridiculously Epic Super Bowl Ad

Heavy metal riffs. A tale of love, loss and personal redemption. A man in black. A sledgehammer. FIRE. All this and more is featured in a two-minute epic commercial by Georgia personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino that aired during the Super Bowl for the residents of Savannah, Georgia.

But something this Internet-perfect wouldn’t stay local for long and soon it was cruising through the Twitterverse at meme-like speeds.

Written and directed by Casino himself, the spot tells the story of how his brother was gunned down on Labor Day 2012, and accuses Savannah’s former chief of police of deceiving the citizens of Savannah about the homicides. Casino was moved to make the switch from criminal defense to personal injury law.

The spot continues Casino’s style of using action flick vibe to sell his services–past efforts include pro wrestling and a Wild West theme. The question is, how long until A&E comes calling?