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Aereo Hits Capacity In New York

New subscribers attempting to use the streaming television service are out of luck.

Do you live in New York? If yes, were you thinking about subscribing to Aereo, the super-disruptive streaming television service that allows you to watch network shows on your schedule, from whatever device you please? Unfortunately, you may have to wait a bit. Aereo has hit capacity.

CEO Chet Kanojia confirmed the news in a tweet this morning, and says the service "will reopen as we get more capacity deployed." If you haven't heard of Aereo, the service provides subscribers with their own tiny antenna tucked away in a room somewhere. This antenna allows users to stream shows, sports, and whatever else you can get on network television over the Internet and onto a PC, phone, or tablet for $8 a month. It effectively transforms your browser into a TV set.

The networks aren't pleased, of course. But by providing each user account with their own signal—instead of, say, beaming television to several accounts from a single antenna—Aereo has managed to skirt existing broadcast laws on something of a technicality. The networks' case against Aereo is awaiting a federal ruling in the Supreme Court.