5 Free Apps For Rethinking Food, Memories, And Facebook

You could use all of these at once!


If you’ve ever wondered exactly how addicted you are to your phone, how many seconds remain in winter, or where the nearest restroom is, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

Milestone (iOS)

Milestone keeps a stopwatch-style record of the days since you quit smoking, the hours until you say “I do,” or the billions of seconds since you were born–a simple yet staggering level of detail. Just don’t get caught peeking at the app when someone asks how long you’ve been married.

Lose It (iOS and Android)

February is when our New Year willpower starts to wane. Tracking your data is one way to keep resolutions; Lose It brings health diary apps into 2014 with social connections, scanning barcodes, and tracking progress. You can also buy their Bluetooth-enabled scale to sync progress, without fudging numbers.

Menthal (Android)


Menthal tracks the time you spend making calls, texting, and using apps, as well as how many times you lock and unlock the screen. It includes features for tracking your mood, positing that the two are related.

SitOrSquat (iOS and Android)

Finding a public bathroom when you’re in a rush is usually a crap shoot. Charmin hosts a crowdsourced map for locating restrooms near you, where users check in and rate their experience. You can upload photos to the database–at your own discretion.

Paper (iOS, available Feb. 3)

Facebook’s outdoing its own current app with the announcement of Paper, a tile-and-swipe-based platform for browsing the social network. Every status update and photo is full-screen, eliminating the noise of scrolling through your news feed. Drag tiles to your feed for customized topic updates. We’re looking forward to trying it on Monday.

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