Forgotify Streams Only Spotify Songs That Have Never Been Played

About one in five songs have never been played on Spotify.

Forgotify Streams Only Spotify Songs That Have Never Been Played

Of Spotify’s 20 million songs, about one in five, or 4 million, have never been played. Forgotify is changing that one title at a time, streaming only unplayed Spotify songs on its website.

Spotify users are able to browse and listen to Forgotify’s collection of obscure and unheard songs. Spotted by Hacker News, the service has been occasionally overloaded with eager Spotify users looking to discover new music. Earlier this month, Spotify removed time limits for free accounts, giving them unlimited streaming on desktops and mobile devices.

The creation of Forgotify highlights a point that Ian Rogers, CEO of Beats Music, made when launching the streaming service earlier this month. Though Beats Music also touts a catalog of 20 million songs, he contends that it’s not saturated with “spam,” such as covers or karaoke versions, like its rivals.

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