SwiftKey Finally Comes To The IPhone, But As A Note-Taking App

At last, one of the best predictive-typing keyboards for Android is coming to iOS. The bad news, though, is that SwiftKey’s magical time-saving technology is siloed into a single app specifically designed for note-taking.

SwiftKey Note, which is available in the App Store for free starting today, helps you take notes faster by learning the words and phrases you hammer out most, using its crystal ball to put the three most likely “next words” front and center. In practice, this saves users from having to tap out words letter by letter, and makes sentence composition, well, swifter. Once you’re done, you can quickly send whatever you jotted down to Evernote.

“With SwiftKey Note, we’ve worked closely with Apple and Evernote to bring all of the power of SwiftKey’s mind-reading prediction technology to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users everywhere,” said SwiftKey chief marketing officer Joe Braidwood in a press release. “With SwiftKey Note you can now take much faster notes.”

It’s a nice app, sure, even in the increasingly jam-packed note-app space. It does, however, highlight one of the big drawbacks of the App Store’s gatekeeping: Apple is still notoriously strict when it comes to third-party keyboard support. In terms of options, there’s Fleksy, which skirts Apple’s restrictions by making its keyboard technology optional in other third-party apps, and, unfortunately, not much else.

Perhaps SwiftKey Note is a Trojan horse to one day get third-party keyboards into the App Store. Maybe soon, iPhone owners will get a chance to experience the time-saving finesse of a smart, predictive keyboard when they’re firing off iMessages. But today is not that day.CG