Watch Reggie Watts Reveal Where He Finds Inspiration

Reggie Watts (who you may have spotted in Bud Light’s Super Bowl campaign last night) is a master creative, who uses improvisation to inspire his unique blend of comedy and music–all with amazing hair.

Before the Super Bowl, Fast Company had the opportunity to sit down with Watts and give him a camera for a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process and, specifically, how that process can be used in the context of an emerging business.

“I think improvisation is kind of the nature of what enables companies–especially in the beginning–to be able to adapt,” Watts says. “It’s really about starting and to not view things as obstacles. Every obstacle is an opportunity.”

“If you’re in that flow, it doesn’t matter what comes at you–it’s actually more fuel for where you’re going.”

Reggie Watts

It’s at this point that we admit that pretty much the worst thing we could ever do to Reggie Watts and his career is try to explain his routine. So just watch the video at the top of this page, instead. Inspiration guaranteed.MK