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Wikipedia Is Collecting Recordings of Article Subjects To Help You Pronounce Their Names

The Wikipedia Voice Intro Project already has actor Stephen Fry, astronaut Charlie Duke, and Googler Matt Cutts on board.

[Image: Flickr user @bastique]

A new Wikipedia project is collecting voice recordings of article subjects for posterity, and it's starting with actor Stephen Fry.

The Wikipedia Voice Intro Project is asking people with Wikipedia pages to make short audio recordings to help readers correctly pronounce their names. Other contributors include astronaut Charlie Duke, who was the tenth person to walk on the moon, and Google's Matt Cutts, who heads the webspam team.

The project has about 50 recordings thus far, and it is asking for more Wikipedia article subjects to contribute. The organization is also working with the BBC to license and extract audio clips of notable people speaking on radio programs, which will be reviewed, processed, and uploaded to pages. Of 300 identified clips, about half have been uploaded, including those of Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Internet, and Burmese activist and politician Aung San Suu Kyi. The BBC hopes this information could be used to power a voice recognition tool to automatically tag speakers in archived audio.

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