Rap Genius’s IPhone App Puts Annotations In Your Pocket

Rap Genius is bringing its user-generated annotations of the web to the iPhone. The company launched its first iPhone app, Genius, Tuesday, allowing fans to browse notations for song lyrics, news articles, poetry, history, and more.

“This is the true launch of Rap Genius,” cofounder Tom Lehman said in a statement, noting that about half of site’s traffic comes from mobile devices. “In 1,000 years, when the aliens land, ‘Rap Genius’ will literally mean ‘that dope iPhone app.’ This app has long been our users’ most-requested feature, and we’re pumped to finally deliver.”

In addition to browsing annotations, Genius can also pull up lyrics for songs in users’ iTunes libraries. The app can also surface lyrics and their annotations when it detects a song that’s playing.

A mobile app will mean less emphasis on search, especially since Lehman foresees a time when 100% of Rap Genius’s traffic will come from mobile. The company was recently in trouble with Google for its SEO practices, which has since been resolved.AT