Kingsley, Strong, And Hiddleston Star In Jaguar’s Villainous Super Bowl Spot

Jaguar demonstrates how good bad can be with the help of some classic, classy, British villains.

Kingsley, Strong, And Hiddleston Star In Jaguar’s Villainous Super Bowl Spot

Have you ever noticed how all the villains in Hollywood films are Brits? Jaguar has, and the British carmaker is exploiting this cinematic truth for its Super Bowl debut to launch the F-TYPE Coupe.


As promised in its teaser for this spot, Jaguar has assembled a trio of quintessential baddie Brits in “Rendezvous” to demonstrate why it’s so good to be bad in an epic, action-filled romp. When Sir Ben Kingsley summoned all the usual suspects, he called on serial bad guys Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki from Thor). As they make their way to Kingsley’s stately mansion, they embark on a high-flying chase through London that would not feel out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster.

By siding with the bad guys, Jaguar is showing America that all of the traits that make a villain great–focus, precision, being one step ahead, an obsession with power, style and an eye for detail, not to mention a stiff upper lip–are also great attributes for a high-performance sports car. Plus, everything just sounds better with an accent.

These easily drawn analogies are why Jaguar considered elevating British film rogues the right strategy for the launch of the F-TYPE Coupe, says Jeff Curry, VP of brand for Jaguar North America. “This is a new sports car with an edge. It’s sharp, agile, and powerful. We looked at how to convey that personality in an entertaining manner true to our British personality and strong enough to resonate in the biggest stage in America,” he says.

“In the creative process we had the cultural observation that Brits have long made the best villains in landmark Hollywood films and thought there were so many parallels between that reality and the out-there nature of this sports car. To bring this creative theme to life on the small screen in a truly authentic manner, it was imperative that we tap leading British actors who have played some of the most well-known villains on the big screen and let them help develop the narrative.”

In keeping with the Hollywood blockbuster concept, Jaguar and agency Spark 44 worked with Academy Award-winning director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) and the London Symphony Orchestra, which recorded the soundtrack at Abbey Road studios.

Aside from a game-day ad, Curry says the entire British Villains campaign was created to maximize engagement, including the hashtag #GoodToBeBad, which “lends itself to so many cultural and personal observations.” The campaign also included a content partnership with Gawker, which created a Good To Be Bad blog, and even the choice of Hiddleston as a star villain generated social buzz. “Tom Hiddleston is apparently a social media phenomenon as more than 300K people have already viewed his video short done as part of the campaign,” says Curry.

“This is the right time to re-express our distinct British style as there is a renewed interest in British culture these days ranging from luxury vehicles (Jaguar was fastest growing major auto brand in 2013) to popular music to film and television,” adds Curry. “We have so much to be proud of as a distinctly British Brand and the F-TYPE follows a great legacy of amazing British Sports cars, we wanted to ensure that message shone through to the Super Bowl audience.”

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