Hyundai Goes For Goofy Laughs And Sweet Smiles For The Super Bowl

As car brands in the Super Bowl go, Hyundai’s had a pretty good run. You could argue it started back in 2009–as consumers were reeling from the financial crisis and the South Korean automaker stepped in with a tagline for the times, promising “if you lose your income in the next year, you can return it with no impact on your credit.”

Hyundai returns to the big game with two spots, this time with a much lighter vibe. Director Jim Jenkins, who directed Hyundai’s 2013 Super Bowl spot “Team,” returns to feature Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki’s commercial acting debut in a high stakes game of compliments with a woman driving an identical Elantra. There’s explosions, a ring of fire and Richard Lewis, too.

But it’s the second spot, “Dad’s Sixth Sense,” that may just have the broadest appeal. Directed by Frank Todaro, who also helmed one of Hyundai’s 2013 Super Bowl spots, serves up the kind of parenting moments–sweet, knowing glances and crotch shot funnies–that will hit home to anyone who is a parent or has a parent (yeah, everyone!) in a way that is Facebook passalong gold.

Both spots together mean Hundai has a whole lotta word-of-mouth watercooler territory covered.JB