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Spring Cleaning—With Tech!

Every year, spring gives us the opportunity to throw open the windows, clear out the cobwebs, and start over again—an opportunity that startup companies are taking advantage of as well. Let these up-and-comers help you clean up your act:

Spring Cleaning--With Tech!

[Illustration by Sergio Membrillas]

Find a maid based on your location and cleaning needs—and pay only $20 an hour for his services.


Clean up your Internet life via JustDelete.Me's collection of "unsubscribe" links.


Sort your clothes, put together tomorrow's outfit, and—most important—catalog ensembles, so you can avoid wearing the same one twice. See your entire wardrobe at a glance—just like in a real closet.


Scrub your photos of everything from distracting backgrounds to blemishes on your forehead.


Incentivize happiness with this app that suggests rewarding activities.

A version of this article appeared in the March 2014 issue of Fast Company magazine.