The Recommender: Kathleen Davis, Roller Derby Jeerleader

The three best things the editor of Fast Company‘s Leadership section found on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Kathleen Davis, Roller Derby Jeerleader
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Name: Kathleen Davis
Role at Fast Company: Staff Editor of the Leadership section, which just launched Ask FC, a new advice column, which is now taking questions!
Twitter: @KathleenEDavis
Titillating fact: Kathleen is a Gotham Girls Roller Derby Jeerleader. “We are kind of like alternative cheerleaders–we are all ages and body types. We keep the crowd rowdy and do entertaining halftime shows. My favorite from last year was a dance fight to a Lilly Allen song at a bout in Coney Island.”


Things she’s loving:

1. Chris Mills’ new album, Alexandria
Full disclosure: Chris is a good friend of mine, but I’d be in love with this album even if I didn’t know him. Kickstarter supporters like me have been playing bittersweet songs like “Rubicon” and “The Sweet Hereafter” on repeat for months, but for everyone else the album was officially released on Tuesday and he’s touring the U.S. with his band the Distant Stars for the next several months.

2. Mental Floss Reveals How Apple’s Famous 1984 Super Bowl Commercial Was Almost Canceled
It seems ironic now that Apple’s idea of dystopia was a world where everyone worships the products of one tech giant. Chris Higgins’s dissection of the iconic ad explores how it was created at a time when Apple was the underdog and Steve Jobs had to fight to get people to listen to him. It also shows how the big-budget Super Bowl ad as a staple of television was born.

3. The Emergency Kittens Twitter Feed
Yes, there is no shortage of cat pictures online. But as a cat owner, I know firsthand the stress-relieving properties of a cute cat. It always puts a smile on my face to see a tiny furry kitten pop up in my Twitter feed while I’m reading the news.

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