The Beats Music App Is Generating Some Awesomely Strange Sentences

Beats appears to be ironing out the wrinkles from its sparkly new music app, which–at least when it works–offers some nifty features that should provoke some serious side-eye from the likes of Spotify and Rdio.

A big part of Beats Music’s appeal is its recommendation engine, which uses living, breathing humans to help make listening suggestions instead of relying explicitly on algorithms. So far, our favorite recommendation feature is a section of the app called The Sentence. Essentially what The Sentence does is it crafts custom playlists tailored to your mood and sensibilities from a mad libs-style menu. Understandably, things can get pretty weird. Fast Company‘s executive editor, Noah Robischon, got “I’M IN THE FUTURE & I FEEL LIKE KICKING BACK WITH MY BOSS TO HIP-HOP.”

This made us wonder if anyone else was getting some humorously strange sentences, and of course, Fast Company readers didn’t let us down:

We know there are more like these out there. Send us any strange Beats sentences you see by taking a screenshot and tweeting it @FastCompany.CG