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With a $1.75 Billion Valuation Under Its Belt, What's Next For Stripe?

Fast Company caught up with cofounder John Collison to see what Stripe has in store for the new year.

[Image: Flickr user Tom Mooring]

Yesterday afternoon, Stripe announced it had closed an $80 million series C round that pushed its valuation to $1.75 billion. The payments company created by brothers Patrick and John Collison—and backed by PayPal founders Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and Max Levchin—has big plans for this new round as it grows its footprint internationally. Fast Company caught up with cofounder John Collison on Thursday to see what Stripe has in store for 2014.

Going global

"For 2014, one of our big focuses is international growth," Collison said. Though he didn't specify the number of countries it plans to expand to, Stripe entered 10 countries last year, bringing the total to 12.

Growing headcount

At 90 people, Stripe's team is vastly bigger than the 35 it had this time last year. With its international expansion plans "naturally comes a fairly large increase in staff," Collison said. Because of regional differences in payments, the company is hiring more than just sales reps abroad. Offices outside the U.S., including a recently opened one in London, will be staffing up on developers.

Support for more payment types

Stripe intends to support more forms of payments because credit cards are used by a minority of the world's population, according to Collison. The additional payment types could include "popular direct debit instruments in Europe, the ACH network in the U.S., and Bitcoin everywhere," he said. "All of these are really compelling."

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