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Leveraging Mobile Technology To Travel Brilliantly

For six months, our Creative Braintrust explored the future of travel through the lens of innovation. The end goal was simple: to lead a conversation on what’s next in travel and to uncover new ideas that will make the future of travel more brilliant.

So, to wrap up this series, we’ve tapped into our Creative Braintrust experts to ask one final question:


How mobile technology will enable us to travel brilliantly in the future?

Faris: Mobile devices promised a world where we never got lost and could leverage the wisdom of local crowds wherever we went. But, as useful as it can be, it comes with changes. Fifteen years ago lonely travelers struck up conversations, now they can continue existing ones on Twitter.

Micah: Companies like Uber and Airbnb continue to challenge limitations with new tech and new business models in order to deliver the best (and more simple) experiences possible.

Lauren: No need for laborious planning, it’s all been done. From insider guides to everything to meeting like-minded people a million miles from home – it’s all there!

Ruzwana: We’re seeing a broader trend of fragmented and offline industries move online, the pace of which is being accelerated by increased use of mobile devices. Instantly bookable travel apps fill the void of the spontaneous travelers who don’t feel like organizing a trip.

Jamie: The future of travel is about personalization, human connection, and immediacy and all of these things will be powered by mobile. We’ll see a greater level of content and choices customized to individuals based on their mobile data, higher rates of human connection and on-demand service made possible by location-based and mobile technology.

Mobile Check-In Is Just The Start

Our partners at Marriott are reinventing travel with bold innovations and inspiration from travelers around the world. They have leveraged mobile technology to make the travel experience better launching a new Mobile Check-in feature on the Marriott App that enables fast and simple check-ins and check-outs.


The brand’s mobile innovation will continue in 2014 as Marriott Hotels will roll out Mobile Check-in globally. They also launched 12 mobile “incubator” hotels in the U.S. to test future mobile enhancements. Guests at those hotels can make service requests including additional towels, wake-up calls, and housekeeping. Chime in! How do think mobile technology will drive the future of travel? Leave a comment below.