Old Spice and Isaiah Mustafa Stage An Internetervention For Men Making Bad Online Decisions

Hello and sit down. Isaiah Mustafa is back, busting out of skeevy web sites to warn you about your poor choices.

Admit it. You’ve contemplated–or even actually clicked on–some dubious web banners in your day. You’ve been tempted by cure-all dieting tricks, preposterous products, or some other promotion that seemed too good to be true, or too bad to be revealed to anyone you’ve had even passing conversation with.


Like a spray tan party (why spray tan alone when you can turn it into a babealicious party?) Or 100% black leather sheets (that require no washing, just, er, seasoning). Or a push-up muscle shirt, an illegal neck workout machine, a protein-fortified cologne, a solid-gold headset, or soul patch flavor powder.

Actually, if any of those offers seem appealing to you, stop reading immediately. You should totally check them out.

If those offers seem completely insane and you don’t mind a spoiler, keep reading.

In fact, anyone lured by the video of a muscular Jersey Shoreman shouting about partying with fly chicks while getting your fake bake on is quickly served some home truths about their reprehensible online behavior. The angel of common sense? The Old Spice man Isaiah Mustafa who is back to tell you “Hello, and sit down” before staging a full on Internetervention.

Glitz Electronic Internetervention

Making a single click on any one of the Internet abominations sounds off an alarm. The offending page then cascades away where Mustafa appears to help you “evaluate the poor, embarrassing tragedies that brought you to attend a spray tan party.” You’ve hit rock bottom, he says. And not just rock bottom, but all the way on the other side of the world bottom.

There are nine websites in total in the “Internetervention” campaign, which was created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Stinkdigital. Watch them all or send them to a friend to prank them.

Isaiah Mustafa as your Mom

While Old Spice’s recent “Mom Song” spot was bordering on sublime, it’s great to see our Old Spice man back, delivering smack downs in his inimitable bare-chested baritone. He’s got the tough love that wayward men, lured by flashy promises, truly need. He’s going to forget that this ever happened. It’s not too late to change. It’s not. Too Late. To Change.

Check out all the sites here:

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