The Recommender: Morgan Clendaniel, Who Once Dug Up An Ancient Grave

The three best things the editor of Co.Exist saw on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Morgan Clendaniel, Who Once Dug Up An Ancient Grave
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Name: Morgan Clendaniel
Role at Fast Company: Editor of Co.Exist, which recently released its World Changing Ideas of 2014. You can add yours to the list here!
Twitter: @MClendaniel
Titillating Fact: Morgan used to be an archaeologist before he was a journalist. “I also spent a lot of time at the bottom of a 15-foot deep Roman well,” he says. When asked about the coolest thing he ever dug up, he says, “Oh, you don’t find anything cool,” before correcting himself. “We did dig up a Bronze Age grave with a body in it.”


Things he’s loving:

1. Take a few minutes to read “A Speck In The Sea,” the amazing account of John Aldridge, a fisherman from Montauk who fell off his boat and then floated at sea for hours, surviving for long after most people would have been dead. It’s a harrowing story of his time in the sea and also of the people in the Coast Guard trying to rescue him. It even features a surprise cameo from Jimmy Buffet.

It’s also a good reminder–as your New Year’s resolutions start to slip–that making sure you’re in top physical and mental shape can always come in handy if you’re suddenly in a situation where you have to swim for a few days. And also to always carry a knife. The moment you need to stab a shark in the face and you don’t have a knife, you’re really going to regret it.

2. Speaking of knives, I’ve stopped using plastic silverware to eat lunch at my desk and replaced it with this “hobo knife,” which is apparently the official name for what is really just a Swiss Army Knife for silverware. It’s always good to use a little less plastic, and this is also pretty hilarious to try to eat with. No one at the office has noticed and made fun of me–yet.

3. “Timber,” Pitbull featuring Ke$sha. It’s the weekend. It’s cold. Pitbull seems like he’s having a great time in the tropics in a pink blazer with some sharks. Enjoy.

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