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"Selfie Police" Site Tells You To Pay $1 Per Selfie

"Together we can turn vanity into charity."

"Selfie Police" Site Tells You To Pay $1 Per Selfie

Looking to control your selfie habit? An initiative called Selfie Police could help tame your narcissism, but it's going to cost you: For every selfie you snap and post to the web, you'll be fined a dollar that goes to charity. Now put that duck face away.

Created by Brigham Young University students Chas Barton and Dustin Locke, Selfie Police was born from a 24-hour creativity competition, and they chose Vittana, a microfinance nonprofit that provides student loans in developing countries, as the recipient.

"When we first came up with the idea we were trying to think of how to engage our generation in giving," Barton told Utah TV station KSL. "It's tricky because we're such a selfish generation, so the question we asked was not how do we make our generation charitable, but how do we turn selfishness into charity."

Since its launch last week, Selfie Police has raised more than $1,400. Actually ponying up is voluntary, but users are encouraged to police their friends by tagging their offending images with #selfiepolice or the website

"There’s a lot of work to be done," reads the website. "Together we can turn vanity into charity."