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Returning To Its Roots, Jawbone Unveils A Smaller Bluetooth Headset

The refreshed Era headset is 42% smaller than its predecessor.

[Image: Jawbone]

Jawbone hasn't forgotten its roots. Though the company has focused on expanding its portable speaker and fitness band lines, the company on Thursday unveiled Era, a refreshed Bluetooth headset with a lighter, smaller footprint.

"We're missing out on the emotional connection of voice because phone calls on today's large smartphones aren't convenient," Travis Bogard, Jawbone's vice president of product management and strategy, said in a statement. "We designed ERA to blend seamlessly into your life and make interacting with people and our smartphones even easier, all while making the technology nearly disappear."

The new Jawbone Era, which has a 10-hour battery, is 42% smaller than its predecessor, which debuted in 2011. It features software that allows it to be used for calls and video conferences conducted over a computer. It's available for $130 beginning Thursday.

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