Forget Your Poop-Filled Nightmares–Princess’s New Campaign Shifts Focus To Transformative Powers Of Cruising

Over the last couple of years, cruise vacations haven’t exactly had the best of PR moments. You had a captain grounding and half-sinking a ship to show off, something called a “poop cruise,” and other unfortunate circumstances that might make prospective vacationers hesitate to head out to sea for their next holiday.

Princess Cruises wasn’t involved in any of these situations, but just by being a cruise company it faced the risk of getting lumped in the same, er, boat as the others in consumers’ eyes. For its first ad campaign in a decade, the company enlisted Goodby Silverstein & Partners and director Jamie Rafn to show a different side to cruising. Y’know, the side without the word “poop” involved.

“Our goal was to focus on the transformative power of travel, something that cruises aren’t typically associated with,” says agency creative director Kate Catalinac. “Because this is our first campaign for Princess Cruises, we were working with somewhat of a clean slate already. The recent silence was a blessing in disguise. It allowed us to create a definitive voice for Princess Cruises with nothing to clutter us.”

After going on a cruise themselves, the creative team decided the campaign’s focus shouldn’t be on all the games you can play on deck or how many times you can hit the buffet in one sitting, but instead on smaller, more intimate moments. “Sometimes the way a child sleeps in your arms in the late afternoon is more touching or memorable than anything that happened that day,” says Catalinac. “We wanted to celebrate the small shifts in perspective that make a good trip great.”JB