5 Free Apps To Help You Quit Your Job, Find Time To Cook, And More

If you hate your job, are hungry (but have no time to cook), or want to learn more about birds, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.

As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology (iOS)

If you’d like to know more about the birds you see outside of your window every day, Merlin’s here to help. Check it out:

No Time To Cook? (iOS and Android)

You just came home from work and you don’t know what to eat. You also don’t have much time to devote to it. No Time To Cook? is Real Simple’s app that offers tons of recipes, sharable grocery lists, video content, and kitchen timers.

Stop, Breathe & Think (iOS)

You need to meditate. You also need to be more mindful. So why not get an app that can help you do both?

Jelly (iOS and Android)

Have a question? Ask Jelly, the app recently launched by Twitter cofounder Biz Stone.
So what exactly is Jelly? (Maybe you should ask it that question.)

Quit Your Job (iOS)

Okay, you probably don’t really want to quit your job with this app, but it sure would make a good story.MK