Your Favorite NFL Logos, As Hipsters

Imagine if the NFL was given a makeover honoring the subset of society least disposed to having an interest in the NFL. It would probably look like the artisanal, locally sourced switcheroo one graphic artist has concocted to punk the punt-loving masses.

David Rappoccio of the esoterically named NFL humor site Kissing Suzy Kolber has hand-crafted a vintage line of hipster-themed logos for all NFL franchises. Adorned with affectations, the newly renovated logos are designed to emulate the ennui practiced by Portlandia‘s fictional residents.

All manner of hats, from fedoras to beanies, are accounted for, as are other hipster-affiliated accoutrements–like spacer piercings, pipes, and scarves. There’s also room in some iterations for non-wearable signifiers, like vinyl, Apple products, and even the niche-championed font Helvetica. Some efforts are more clever than others. The San Francisco design, for instance, is a bit undercooked, simply bearing the word ‘Organic’ in place of a team name. But overall, the logos seem very much up to hipster code–though I’m sure the logos would deny that if you asked them.

Have a look through more of them in the slides above.JB