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Rumored Health Care Startup Would Be "Like Uber, But With Doctors"

The man who helped design Uber, the ubiquitous e-hailing app, is reportedly developing an on-demand health care tool.

Rumored Health Care Startup Would Be "Like Uber, But With Doctors"

[Image: Flickr user Life Mental Health]

Oscar Salazar, a cofounder of Uber, reportedly has plans to make the lives of the 1% even easier. Like an Uber meets health care, his rumored new on-demand health care startup would bring back house calls, and it plans to launch soon, reports Valleywag.

"It will work like Uber, but with doctors coming to you. I mean, it will start out for the 1%, clearly," an unnamed source told the blog. According to this source, the New York City-based startup already has at least 40 doctors on board.

Valleywag found a trademark for the name Housecall filed in June of last year by Techcare Inc., and the company lists an "in care of" address at 8an Capital. This address is affiliated with Abundance Partners, where Salazar is an advisor. 8an Capital's managing partner is Philip Eytan, an Abundance advisor who on LinkedIn lists himself as a cofounder of techCare Inc., which facilitates house calls for doctors and patients.

Update: An Uber representative contacted Fast Company to say that Salazar is not a cofounder of Uber. When asked for clarification on Salazar's association with the company, the representative said, "He was an early employee. He does not work for us anymore."