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Man Asks Internet To Name His Daughter, The Internet Comes Up With Something Lovely (Really)

Though it does seem like 4chan's been trying to skew the results.

Man Asks Internet To Name His Daughter, The Internet Comes Up With Something Lovely (Really)

[Image: Flickr user handmaidenbymaria]

The Internet being the Internet, when you pool the collective web's powers to weigh in on an issue, things don't always go according to plan. Take, for example, Mountain Dew's disastrous Dub the Dew campaign, which asked online fans to name a new soft drink for the company. The results—including "Diabeetus," "Fapple," and the top suggestion "Hitler did nothing wrong"—led the soft-drink company to shut down the promotion.

Hoping for better results, a Canadian dad-to-be is turning to the web to name his unborn daughter. Reddit user digitalgecko, whose first name is Stephen, said his wife has been supportive of this idea from the start, though she wasn't so sure he'd go through with it. "Hell, when I saw that was available, I just knew that was the sign that I HAD to do it," he posted on Reddit.

Before embarking on this journey, Stephen did note that he and his wife will ultimately have final say. "Sorry, guys, the wife wouldn't go for a free for all," he said. "Alas, my daughter shall not be named WackyTaco682."

Asking for both first and middle name suggestions, the website currently has Amelia Mae McLaughlin as the leading contender—what a sigh of relief it must be for his wife that it's a perfectly normal name. That's not to say some people on the Internet haven't tried to skew the results. He said there were 1,700 votes for CTHULHU with no traceable IP address and that he was removing votes from 4chan, which happened to be the online group believed to have sidetracked that Mountain Dew campaign.