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Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Generates Second Earthquake Of His Career

Seattle fans clamored their way to another positive reading on the seismograph on Sunday.

Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Generates Second Earthquake Of His Career
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When Marshawn Lynch strode into the end zone Sunday, Seahawks’ fans delighted in their own celebration so much so that their effort showed up on three different seismographs. And it’s no accident. CenturyLink Field’s aluminum construction works as an amplifier to the already fanatical following of football’s most Pacific Northwestern team.

It’s important to note that seismographs read ground motion, not sound, although we can safely assume the fans’ eruption was also loud.

It will a few days before the reading can be applied to the Richter scale, but this isn’t the first time Seahawks’ fans have man-made a quake. In 2011, the same Marshawn Lynch tallied another touchdown against the same New Orleans’ Saints team they made suffer Sunday. The original quake registered between a one and two on the Richter scale. Scientists aren’t sure yet which “Beast Quake” was stronger, but said they should know in the next few days.

[Hat Tip: ESPN]

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